World Water Week at Pela

This August 23rd - 27th at Pela, we are highlighting the globe's water issues for World Water Week. Due to climate change and the increase of the world's population, the water crisis is our number one global risk. At Pela, our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic from our oceans and waterways. When you invest in a Pela Case, you are contributing to that goal. We have designed the Waves case and curated a week of programming to highlight how important this work is.

Why is World Water Week Important?

Only 1% of freshwater is available to humans. Currently, 2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. By 2050, 4.8 billion people around the world will live with limited access to water. Plastic pollution is a major contributor to the water crisis. The equivalent of 100,000 plastic phone cases enter our oceans every minute! Wildlife and aquatic animals ingest or are entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe injuries and deaths. Microplastics are also found in our drinking water and food. If business-as-usual persists, we risk the potential to cause damaging economic and social impacts. The time to take action is now. World Water Week provides space to transform current and future water challenges. 

World Water Week at Pela

At Pela, we have created the Fill a Bucket & We Will Fill Your Cart Challenge. We are encouraging you to pick up a bucket or bag worth of garbage from around your local waterways, share your contribution on social and signup to receive an exclusive discount code to shop our new Waves case (+ a FREE tote!!!).

We also partnered with Save the Waves and multimedia artist Ethan Estess to make a sculpture out of plastic phone cases returned to us by customers making the switch from plastic to plant-based. The Plastic Wave is a representation of the plastic entering our waterways. The Plastic Wave has been showcased in California and is now in British Columbia, where Pela is headquartered. During World Water Week, the Plastic Wave will live at one of our local partners OKGN Lifestyle where our community can take a photo with The Plastic Wave and be entered to win one of two plastic-free prize packs.

World Water Week at Home

Besides participating in our cleanup challenge, a great way for you to celebrate World Water Week all year long is to buy less single-use plastic! Making simple plastic-free swaps such as investing in a compostable Pela Case is a great place to start. Make sure to follow @pelacase on Instagram to learn more about environmental issues and plastic-free swaps.