Plant Based Protein Packed Avocado Toast

Eating a plant-based diet is a great way to lower your impact on the planet. We covered it in our blog post 5 Tips for Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

But, plant-based eating can seem inaccessible, hard, or leave you wanting more. So, we decided to round up our favorite plant-based recipes around the office and film them for you in our newest series Cookin' and Compostin'! 

The idea is that we cook some delicious plant-based recipes featuring our amazing staff and some knowledgeable locals, and then we compost the scraps because composting is AMAZING for the environment. 

Don't believe me? Check out our post on composting

Oh, and because composting is so important, we have compost available in our office. You can get composting set up in your office building too. We've rounded up all of our top tips for getting a Green Team in Action

Some office mates are kitchen pros... others not so much. We hope you enjoy this episode of Cookin' and Compostin' featuring registered dietitian and nutritionist Haeli Draper!

She's cookin' up a protein packed Avocado Toast that you can make from home, and uses less avocado! (More money for mimosas) Checkout more easy recipes and tips from Haeli on her website Okanagan Nutrition.