Pela After Hours

Have you ever wondered what we are up to at the Pela HQ?!? Well, we are back in the office and the team has grown! We asked Francis from Accounting to sit down and get to know some of our team members a little better for our new Youtube series: Pela After Hours! Check out the two episodes below.

 Pela After Hours, Episode 1: Company Culture

Francis gets to know the team better by asking them the hard-hitting questions about their perspective on working for Pela 👀! If you ever wondered which 90’s song Pela is, watch this video. 


Pela After Hours, Episode 2: Island Time

The Pela team likes to gather and debrief with their fave bevvy in hand for Island Time on a Friday afternoon. Francis interviews staff during the Friday festivities and things get a little awkward 😂.  Watch Francis (the resident Zach Galifianakis) put our staff on the hot seat for Episode 2!


Pela After Hours, Episode 3: F.A.Qs

We asked our CX team what some of your most frequently asked questions are and Francis is back with another episode of Pela After Hours to spill the TEA ☕⁠