DIY: How to upcycle an old t-shirt into a reusable macrame tote shopping bag

How many times have you gone through your clothes to do a purge and end up with another pile of t-shirts you hardly ever wore or that are completely worn out. 

Sure there's lots you can do with your old clothes but our friend Laura at Trash to Couture shows us how to give an old t-shirt new purpose by turning int into a super pretty macrame market tote bag.

DIY: T-shirt Upcycle into Macrame Tote Bag - Plastic Free Shopping

One less t-shirt making its way to a landfill and one less plastic bag needed for shopping! Win, win!

Original post with full details can be found on Laura's website: Trash to Couture 

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DIY Knotted T-Shirt Market Bag

Trash to Couture - DIY Upcyled Fashion - Tshirt Reusable Shopping Bag

In partnership with Trash to Couture. All photos and video posted with permission.

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