Bring Your Reusable Bags - Earth Day Challenge #2

I bet you've been hearing you should bring your reusable bags to the grocery store for years. 

What's stopping you??? 

bring your own bags from

If I had to guess it's going to be for one of these reasons: 

  1. I forget
  2. They're clunky
  3. I don't care about saving the environment and I hope all cute cuddly marine animals die a horrible death due to my plastic pollution. 

If you're number three, I'm afraid we can't help you, but if you fall into category 1 & 2 - we've got some tips. 

1. Look for the patterns: 

Do you normally hit up the grocery store during a certain time of the week? Do you just always seem to be going on Tuesdays or Saturday mornings? 

Try to analyze your routine. You can be prepared with your own bags, and don't forget the reusable produce bags too! 

2. Think through your day: 

Before you go to bed or before you leave the house, run through your plans for the following day. 

Just thinking through your day can easily prevent so much waste! 

bring your own bags from

3. Clip them to your key ring: 

If try as you might, you just keep forgetting grab two reusable bags that fold up really small and clip them onto your key ring. This way you will never be without a reusable bag! 

Chico Bag makes some great ones that clip onto your keys. I also love Bag Podz, which holds 5-10 bags inside of a nice little pod. 

Of course, if you're in a pinch, you can always ask for a box from the storeroom. Just say no to plastic. 

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